FIFA Referee Mercy Tagoe-Quarcoo quits her job

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Others

The woman who took the work of refereeing and did it to perfection and the admiration of all, Mercy Tagoe-Quarcoo has called it quits on her refereeing career.

The award winning referee wouldn’t want to go into further details for her sudden decision as she claims some of them are “very personal”.

Announcing her decision on an Accra based radio station, retired FIFA referee Tagoe said “I’ve stopped. I am no longer an active referee. Some of the reasons (for my decision) are very very personal”.

Though she has called it quits with the refereeing duties, Mercy Tagoe believes her role in refereeing will still hold in the country.

“ I have stopped active refereeing, but it does not mean I am no longer member of the Referees Association, I am”.  She said.

Though just 34 years old, the affable and confident woman who performed wonderfully as a “ middle woman” in some key matches  says she is leaving to give other women the chance to take up the job.

“I am not yet forty but considering the level by which God has taken me in terms of refereeing, my quitting the job won’t be a regrettable thing at all”. She said.

“If I leave, others will take over. I might be denying others the chance to take to refereeing as well, so my departure will give the chance to others”.

Mercy Tagoe was named the 2010 SWAG Best Referee and is the first Ghanaian female referee to have handled a CAF organized competition. She handled the 2010 Africa Women’s Championship final between Equatorial Guinea and South Africa.

She received her FIFA badge in 1995 and holds a License C football certificate.


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